Gestalten The Chopper The Real Story


The Chopper The Real Story

The chopper is quintessentially American and, since Easy Rider, has embodied the American dream. This book tells the true story of the most rebellious of all motorcycles.
“Where did you get this motorcycle?” “It’s not a motorcycle, baby, it’s a chopper.”
— Butch (Bruce Willis), Pulp Fiction

Whether you collect custom motorcycles or want to throw rocks at those biker freaks who leave you deaf as they zoom by, you need to know the story of the chopper. Because the story of the chopper is the story of popular culture.

The Great Depression, 1960s youth culture, folk art, the conservative press, old-school revivals—the chopper plays a part in all of these.

In this book, leading motorcycle journalist and vintage motorcycle expert Paul d’Orléans tells the chopper’s true story, from its origins to its renaissance today. With its well-informed texts and showcase of historical and contemporary photographs, it finally gives the chopper the respectful attention it deserves.

Paul d’Orléans, Robert Klanten
Release Date:
November 2014
24,5 × 33 cm
Full color, hardcover, 
288 pages
Gestalten Online Shop Exclusive: Ships as Collector’s Edition with linen slipcase and original embroidered patch.

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