Gestalten Faile: Works on Wood

Process, Paintings and Sculpture
This new publication about the artistic collaboration Faile documents its work with the medium of wood.
About This Book

Faile: Works on Wood is a new collection of essays and rich color photographs that showcases Faile’s exploration of wood in their practice. It presents a broad swath of their projects from the past decade, from early work using salvaged material to more recent commissions, such as their towering installation at the New York City Ballet. The book features both critical writing and reflections by the artists on now iconic facets of their work in and out of the studio, including their interactive Puzzle Boxes, carved Prayer Wheels, and bold, large-scale painting.

By: Faile
Editors: Ian Bourland
Release Date: September 2014
Format: 24 × 30 cm
Features: Full color, hardcover, 
320 pages
Language: English


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