Gestalten BRUMMM #1

Motorious Chronicles
The motorcycle way of life captured in striking photos and presented with editorial grace.
About This Book

BRUMMM is a bi-annual visual feast for any and every motorcycle lover. The tempting bookazine acts as both an archive and platform for outstanding motorcycle photography: a happening rarely found in the popular magazine world. These pictures convey personal stories, provide exclusive insights into otherwise closed collector garages, preserve archival treasures, or capture events through the eyes of photographers, who possess a notorious passion for purring engines. BRUMMM is a timeless experience, which will be taken from your shelf time and time again.

Editors: Hermann Köpf & Christian Eusterhus
Release Date: November 2016
Credits:First Edition of BRUMMM – Motorious Chronicles.
Featuring Photography by: Alberto García-Alix, Axel Borchardt, Cédric Dubus, Gary Margerum, Raffaele Paolucci, Polo Garat, Vincent Prat and publishers Hermann Köpf & Christian Eusterhus.Format: 24 × 30 cm

Features: Full color, softcover, 200 pages, with stickers inside
Language: English


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