Alpha Industries M-65 Field Jacket Woodland Camo

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Here’s something about military apparel that’s just incredibly appealing. Maybe it’s the inherent beauty of pure, undiluted functionality. Maybe it’s the courage of soldiers passing through the very cloth, rendering jackets like the M-65 iconic. Maybe it’s the sheer historicity that elevates them from the ranks of mere clothing for wearing to timeless statements. The M-65, an updated version of the field jacket and issued first in 1965, certainly belongs to this higher echelon of uncompromising clothing. Made from robust Nyco Satin, the M-65 proves to be especially handy for those who like it rough. Its elaborate design features a button tap protecting the zipper, large front pockets for storage and an adjustable waistband. In addition, when it gets chilly, you can add our ALS Liner for thermal insulation. The M-65’s versatility are contrasted strongly by the jacket’s minimalist design, so while you’ll get a maximum of functionalty, it still allows for a wide array of combinations. Also, the M-65 comes in a variety of colors from khaki to black, navy, and, of course, woodland camouflage, which is essential if you want to up your hide-and-seek game. If you’re searching for something functional yet timeless, don’t look any further.

Product details

  • Upper: Nyco Satin
  • Fit: Oversized Fit
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